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                                      MY HALL OF FAME AWARDS

            We decided to add this portion so our visitors could see what is being added to the site. We are pleased to add an article about the Lion Drum Repair and-or replacement of the Lion Drumhead.  This one took a tremendous amount of research, we hope it will be beneficial to you.

       Build a Dragon Drum is finally here.  I hope you find the article very informative.  ENJOY!!

        You will find information about our Lion Dance which we have been doing since the late 70s and early 80s.

        Recently we have added a Golden Dragon to our school and we have already done several performances with it too.

        We look forward to sharing more good news in the future.

        We hope you will enjoy it and find it useful.  If you have any comments or suggestions

        send us an e-mail. 

                            Hope you enjoy the pictures. 

                    Thank You

                        Sifu Don Morrison


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