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lau gar kids.JPG (852662 bytes)

     SIMO working Lau Gar Kuen with the Kids.


annie 1.JPG (1050722 bytes)

       Here Annie is showing off her form.

brian 1.JPG (1142715 bytes)

  Brian cant stand it.  He has to show off too.

jd-copy.jpg (306469 bytes)

  Looks like JD wants in on the act too

kenny copy.jpg (257449 bytes)

      Last but not least Kenny shows his skills.

stephen-w.jpg (429061 bytes)

  Stephen really works hard at practice.

andy-w.jpg (424665 bytes)

     Andy has a hidden tiger underneath.

christy-w-stick-w.jpg (461432 bytes)

Christy looks serious, got SIMO backing up.

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