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        One person who shall not be left unmentioned and that is Simo Linda Morrison.  Simo was a fierce competitor when she started with the Kung fu association in 1973.  She has always been a strong supporter of Sifu and the school. 

 Simo Linda Morrison is now an 8th degree Black Belt in  the system, and brings a lot of integrity , balance and high moral values into the classroom.  She runs the youths classes with a high degree of ethics.  Simo Morrison is a great asset to the school of Kung Fu martial arts.


Here, SIMO is listening to Jonathan ask questions.

lau-gar-kids-w.jpg (451954 bytes)

SIMO leading the kids in Lau Gar Kuen.

christy-&-simo-w.jpg (417702 bytes)

Christy is getting a lesson on the staff from SIMO.



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