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    My oriental martial arts training started in 1959 at the age of 17.  Before learning  HUNG GAR KUNG FU, I had studied JUDO, TAE KWON DO (Before reorganization), SHOTOKAN KARATE,  ISSHINRYU KARATE, AND TAIWAN KOUSHU.  More recently I have added YANG STYLE TAI CHI CHUAN and two additional styles of CHI GUNG, one of which I picked up while on my trip to HONG KONG in 2005 visiting with the KING CHUNG ASSN.

    Thirty five years ago SIFU BUCK SAM KONG showed me the power and depth of HUNG GAR KUNG FU and I have been its faithful student ever since.

    I became an instructor for the Siu Lum Pai Gung Fu Association July 2nd 1975.  I was currently teaching at the University of Montana.  I met a talented young lady named Linda, who became my wife on July the 8th of 1976 (Later, she became an instructor (SIMO) promoted by my Sifu, Buck Sam Kong).  Sifu advised me to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, saying "NO ONE KNOWS KUNG FU THERE, YOU GO AND TEACH."

    In February of 1977 I opened the Siu Lum Pai Gung Fu School at 2615 D South Memorial.  During 1980 I moved up the street to 2132 South Memorial and named the new school "The Kung Fu School of Tulsa.

    Previously, under advisement from Sifu (saying "YOU NOT A REAL GUNG FU SCHOOL UNLESS YOU DO THE LION DANCE") I ordered a LION HEAD and instruments from Hong Kong so we could start doing the LION DANCE.  On September 23rd 1980 during the MOON FESTIVAL we had a ceremony called "AWAKENING OF THE LUCKY LION", a dance celebrating the festival and a BLESSING  for the March of Dimes poster boy John Klahr.

        (NOTE:  To the best of my knowledge, this was the FIRST time a LION DANCE was performed in the STATE of OKLAHOMA.)

    October of 2002 I opened the "TEN TIGERS KUNG FU SCHOOL" at 1425 East Kenosha in Broken Arrow, Okla.

    During our recent trip to HONG KONG to visit my GRAND MASTER LAM JO on his 95th birthday we purchased a 70-FOOT LONG DRAGON and had it shipped to Broken Arrow for the DRAGON DANCE.  We were able to do the DRAGON for the Rooster Days parade in Broken Arrow and for the Asian festival in Tulsa.

          (NOTE:  Again, to the best of my knowledge, we were the FIRST to do the DRAGON DANCE in Okla.)

    In the past I have considered myself as somewhat of a pioneer for the art of HUNG GAR in Oklahoma, keeping with the traditions of Sifu Buck Sam Kong who is a great pioneer of Hung Gar.  I was one of the first few non Asians to be taught traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu.

    I have recruited and taught people whom I thought would represent the Siu Lum Pai Gung Fu Association and HUNG GAR with dignity and respect.    They were are all good people  who have gone on to pursue the perfection of the art be it for themselves or others.

    Kung Fu has a strong sense of family and community and I have tried to pursue that sense.  The following is a list of articles that have been written by the newspaper about our community activities.

    The Tulsa Tribune September 24th 1980 (Lucky Tradition - Photo by Jim Mixon.  Subtitle "Awakening of the Lucky Dragon (Lion.  This was dedicated to the March of Dimes Poster child, John Klahr.

Owasso Reporter September 24th 1980, March of Dimes Poster child receives good luck from Lion during Moon Festival celebration.

    Tulsa World February 3rd 1983 (Morrison Among Elite of Kung Fu) By Glen Hibdon.

    Tulsa World February 14th 1983 (China Celebrates Year of the Pig)-Picture featuring the Kung Fu School of Tulsa (AP) article about the year of the Pig.

    Tulsa World 1983 (Kung Fu Outdoes Bulldozer)  By Bill Braun.  We also got TV News coverage for this one too.

    Tulsa World February 13th 1991 Photo called "Dragon Dance" (By Tom Gilbert)  Celebrating Chinese New Year for the art exhibit and Tulsa's Chinese Association.

    Other performances include the Jerry Lewis telethon for Muscular Dystrophy until they changed to the national talent shows.

    KOTV  channel 6 January 26th 2006 reported the Lion Dance performed at the Richardson Asian Museum for the Mayo Demo school for the 2nd and 3rd graders.

    KJRH channel 2 January 28th 2006 reported the Dragon Dance performed at the Richardson Asian Museum for the public celebrating the Chinese New Year.


    I have a few hobbies connected with Kung Fu.  I make the Mook Jong or the wooden practice dummy.  I have sold a few and shipped them all across the country.  I make the Lion Head; I have shipped a few of them too.  Most of the weapons I have, I have made.  I have made a couple of drums.  You will see them on the web site.  I have a mural of the Shaolin Temple that I have painted.  I also study herbs for the making of liniments and plasters for strains and bruises.  Sifu says, "YOU ARE NOT REAL GUNG FU TEACHER UNLESS YOU KNOW MEDICINES".

    I started competition at a late age.  I actively competed in tournaments from the age of 28 to 52.  At age 47 I won the grand championship at a regional tournament after being in retirement for 6 years.  At the age of 51, I won two 2nd place medals at a national tournament.  My last competition was a national tournament; I walked away from it because I felt that the judging and ring management was too politically biased.  One of my Students "HENRY MARQUEZ" stayed and won two first place trophies.



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