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                                       Dragon Dance
    My wife and I went to Hong Kong this year (March of 05) with the Siu Lum Pai Assn. on a tour.  We had a great time.  We found a martial arts supply company  (called "Kung Fu Supplies Company") that had a Dragon.  We ordered it and had it shipped back home to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  That address has an unlikely ring to it.  After we arrived back in Okla.  we were on pins and needles waiting for its arrival.  Finally, a month later it came.  It took a day to assemble it and we had two weeks before the Broken Arrow Rooster Days parade to prepare for the dance.  Enjoy the Pics.
As you can see, it is getting late.  We practiced until dark several times behind the school.  We only had a short time till the parade.
   One of the hard parts of the parade was being able to do simple maneuvers because we almost had to stop.  Most of the time we were on a dead run.  You can see that the Dragon is long, it measures 70 feet in length and takes 10 people to operate it correctly.  The Dragon is following the Pearl that is being held up in front of it.  Story has it that the Dragon is trying to recover and play with the pearl of wisdom.
    We had a lot of fun doing this and the people enjoyed it too.  We had the smaller students carrying water to the dancers, it was pretty hot that day.

    Here we are posing for a picture.  We only had the Dragon two days.  We are quite proud of it.  Later on this year we had the opportunity to perform for the Asian Festival.



   Here we are proudly presenting the dragon at the Asian Festival.  Our school is the FIRST to present the Golden Dragon to the Tulsa area.  We were also the FIRST to Present the Lion Dance to the Tulsa area in September of 1980.


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