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 Unique Wooden Dummy


 Another hobby I have is making the Mook Jong, or more commonly known as the wooden dummy.  I am more familiar with the "Wing Chun" the "Hung Gar" and the "Choy Li Fut" styles of dummies.  I have made many of them over the last 30 years and I always choose to laminate them because of wood checking  more commonly known as splitting.  Kiln dried wood is best.  Some of these were real problems.


                             The Terror

                                             I call this one the Terror.  Four people at a time can work on it.  Think about it.

                   Hung Gar Wooden Dummy


            Because this dummy has a left hand        lead,    it is more   commonly used by Hung Gar.

             Wing Chun Wooden Dummy        


               This one is a right hand lead and is more commonly used for Wing Chun.  I chose to try a metal leg on this one.  The body is redwood, the rest is pine and oak.

                 A Bunch of Dummies     



   This one I call a "Bunch of Dummies".  I made these     for a close friend.  All laminated oak and redwood.


          Choy Li Fut Wooden Dummy     



   I built this dummy for a friend.  You will notice that it is a bit different than usual.  He wanted a greater range of possibilities to practice with.   He was happy with my choices.



      Here I am just trying it out.  The thing is dangerous.


    Unique Wooden Dummy


  I could not resist putting this on the website.

  Bill Rice of Elkton MD submitted this picture of a wooden dummy he made.  He writes "A few things you may wish to know about the dummy.  Its name is Johnny A Blackleg: Johnny A because it comes from the apple tree in the back yard (Johnny Appleseed) and Blackleg because the smallest leg (branch) had died and turned black".

     Thanks to Mr. Rice for an impressive display of imagination and creativity.




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