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I have several hobbies here are some of the pictures.  Here is my first two lion heads.  I had a lot of sore fingers from tying and cutting the bamboo



I also made all of the pom poms, eyebrows and beard.  The pom poms I made from wool.  I dyed and formed them.  I made a special loom for tying the tufts of horse hair for the brows, mostache and beard.A lot of patience making the beard, hair and other stuff,  took a lot of time, but the reward is worth it. 

The following pictures are of the first two Lion Heads I have ever made.  One group is my first copy of my "OLD" Lion Head that was purchased in the late 70s. 

        The following pictures are of the second lion I made. 




The following pictures are of my OLD lion and my first copy.


Thank you.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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