Above, you can see the charcoal on the inside of the drum. Next ,I am removing the staves for sanding.  If you are in a shop I would recommend taking the sander outside and wear a mask.   I used a 6inch by 36inch belt sander for this with 60 grit.   This step is extremely dirty.  After I have sanded the staves I will re-assemble the barrel so I can use lamps to dry the inside before going to the next step.

Well, it looks like the first re-assembly worked.  I placed one of the larger rings on a couple of concrete blocks and started to follow the numbers standing each stave inside the ring until they were all in.  The oak was still damp below the charcoal layer, it looks like I will have to dry it more than I thought.  To the right You will see I have placed a 40 watt clamp on lamp reflector under the barrel that is sitting on blocks.  I have a concrete floor in my shop.  You can see the boards on top are to keep the heat in.  The spaces are for air circulation.  I did the drying for a week, always turning off the lamp when I wasn't in the room to watch it.

Above left you can see the staves removed and cut.  I cut them at 25 inches long, cutting off equal amounts from each end.  To the right I am using a jig to mark and drill for dowel insertion I used 5/16th dowel stock.  I fitted the dowels and pieces as I went along. You can see in the left picture, pieces one and two were checked for fit.  I put 3 dowel pins per joint.  I don't have a biscuit cutter, but I bet it would have been easier.  I had over 30 staves with two sides to fit.

The gluing process had to go fairly quick I used more than enough glue.  Next I took the two center bands and hammered them down tight to make a clamp.  I also had to take two other bands and make clamps for the ends.  Above right you can see the uneven fit on the top of the cut barrel.  I don't know how it happened but a really good hand held belt sander and flat table helped correct it.  You can also see upper left that there is still some charcoal on the staves, that will be sanded off later.


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